Case Study

Cashless Payment: Case Study

ChariSnack has recent been trialling cashless payments with their franchise network, with great success! We spoke to Tibor Gobrics all about his experience with our latest innovation for his business.

“It’s amazingly simple, my customers scan a QR code and make a secure payment. October was the first full month we were providing digital payment options for all our customers. The report shows the total amount had been paid digitally was £380.20. Considering it was the first full month I think this was an amazing result! The digital payment option also increased the honesty and made it easier to locate more boxes. Paying online has really helped my customers and the card reader has been useful in helping my customers pay.

We are looking forward to seeing how the cashless system is going to be performing in the next few months. We can’t thank you enough for letting us know and providing guidance about the opportunity of the digital payment option. I can only recommend to all the franchisees of the network to start looking into it as soon as possible.”

Tibor, ChariSnack -Perth